My story

My name is Rick van der Vlies, born 1996 and working as a commercial photographer. Based near Rotterdam.

As I started out with sports photography I have learned to capture a moment. When I grew as a photographer, I learned the art of advertising and lifestyle. Those elements combined taught me to not only freeze a fraction of life.. but to create a fraction of life!

I am an advertising, lifestyle and portraiture photographer. My image style can be described as crisp, energetic and structured.

Every job, every client is a new challenge and that is exactly what drives me in my work. New challenges, new rules and always getting the maximum result out of it!


Applied Photography and Image Communication, bachelor of design. At the Dutch University of Applied Photography in Rotterdam.


-Project Just 010, Niffo Galerie.

Origithing Photography is also registered at the Dutch Photographers Federation.

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